Our Olive Oils

Olive Oil – Tremaolive

This extra virgin olive oil is obtained uniquely from the olives harvested from our majestic centuries-old trees. The name TREMILAOLIVE, which is the italian for “three thousand olives”, derives from the fact that in order to obtain a 16,9 fl.oz. bottle, 3000 of our precious olives are indeed needed.

The uniqueness of this product derives from the ancient Umbrian indigenous varieties of which it consists of (really rare by now): moraiolo, dolce agogia, frantoio, rosciola di panicale, rosciola umbra, limona, san felice, pocciolo, nostrale di rigali, borgiona and capolga umbra. These varieties gift us with a unique emotion: The oil reveals itself to our sense of smell in a fruity yet vegetal way, rich of balsamic aromas that remind of mediterranean aromatic herbs. At taste it has a perfect balance in bitterness and spiciness, starting in a delicate way but then growing determined and persistent.

Olive Oil – Vubia

This is an extra-virgin olive oil that comes from a careful selection of the best olives of our olive yard, obtaining as a result a sensational oil, both in smell and taste. In this oil are present herbaceus notes, sweet almond, artichoke, combined with a pleasant bitter and spicy in taste.