Bonanova presents…

Bonanova present soon in the region of the Netherlands – Montevibiano

ZERO CO2 Emissions

in 2009, the first farm in the world to achieve this without using carbon offsets (DNV UNI ISO 14064), at a time when it was not trendy or cost-effective to be sustainable, leading as a true Pioneer.

World’s most beautiful fence

40% (only) of the total estate limited to agriculture,
31% as dedicated “forestry fencing” to block the influences of man.

360° Green Revolution

launched in 2008 as true Pioneers in environmental protection.
Completed conversion of building, infrastructure, equipment, land care, and business principals.

V.I.V.A. Sustainable Viticulture

First winery to collaborate with the Italian Ministry of Environment to establish best practices for sustainable viticulture.
First assessment in 2012.
Goal to assess all Wine by 2020.